Sunday, March 8, 2009

New Palette

I recently developed a new palette for myself which has been very successful for me. After reading the Art Spirit by Robert Henri as well as observing similiar approaches from artists such as Joseph Todorovitch and Richard Schmidt it seems to me that this is the strongest approach as for building a palette. The color choices are a hybrid of Robert Armetta and Nelson Shanks. I feel comfortable with both the colors and palette construction. I will post this as I see this blog not only as a way to reach others but as a tool for educating myself.

18x24" double strength glass glued to a masonite board that is painted with an earthy middle gray.

**This approach helps to keep your colors clean and always based upon the same mid-toned value.

Spanning from left to right:

Windsor & Newton - 17 colors
-Titanium White
-Raw Umber
-Burnt Umber
-Burnt Sienna
-Alizarin Crimson
-Permanent Rose
-Cadmium Red Light
-Cadmium Orange
-Raw Sienna
-Cadmium Yellow
-Brilliant Green
-Veridian Green
-Cerrulean Blue
-Cobalt Blue
-Purple Dioxazine
-Ivory Black

-William Seccombe

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  1. Hi! Thank you for your blog. It doesn't exists 'Cad.Red Light' from W&N brands. There is one named 'Cad.Red' or another named 'Cad. Scarlet'. ¿Which one do you mean?


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