Monday, November 23, 2009

Salmagundi Club's Website

As a member of the Salmagundi Club's Jr./Scholarship Artists we recently gathered to discuss the upcoming 2010 gallery events, etc. in addition to ideas towards updating the club's somewhat antiquated website. As it stands now, the current website is rather static, and in many ways out-of-date technologically speaking. It really is a very basic approach to website design and does not allow the club any quick and practical solutions to constant updating and back side uploading by the front office adminstration.

Robert Pilsbury, Vice President of the club and Chairman of the Jr./Scholarship members suggested that we post a blog to encourage fellow artists to submit any suggestions and ideas that they may have to develop a much more technically efficient and interesting website. A website that would be more technically advanced while offering the types of interactive features appropriate to the artistic community. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your response.

Billy Seccombe


  1. google recently came out with free website templates - i've not looked into, but it probably integrates better with blogger, gmail, calender, etc -

    lately I feel its better to go with a solution like that, a generic template solution thats hosted then spending the time and effort to create something yourself. hope to see you at salmagundi one day.

  2. Google does have some great resources. I just checked them out at the first poster's suggestion. The link is It seems pretty user friendly. and seems like you can do a lot of essential stuff with it.


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