Saturday, January 16, 2010

Vasari Paints

I wanted to briefly write about a line of paint that I have discovered through my friends and various artists that I admire in the New York gallery scene. Vasari Paints is a line of hand-crafted oil paint produced in small batches with an attention to detail and a focus upon the traditional old master materials for the purest of colors. One might imagine that as a result the paint is rather expensive and it certainly can be however by taking advantage of on-line sales you can stock up on the colors that you need here and there.

The color comparison as seen in a side-by-side evaluation with other brands is remarkable as the color is more vibrant and of a much higher quality without any wax additives, etc. If you are unable to invest in Vasari products an alternative is Windsor & Newton "Artist Grade" which is a very nice line as well. I have begun to update my materials in my own studio to include Vasari brand paint and am buying them in small groups so as to not overwhelm myself with the costs of what can be expensive products. My wife generously bought me four tubes (seen above) flake white, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, and permanent bright red as my Christmas present this past holiday season. I have just begun using them but I am very excited to be adding them to my palette. I am following Sharon Sprung's palette which is generally around 9 colors and is outline previously in my blog. As always, I would encourage you to leave questions or comments below and please feel free to follow me on twitter at www.twitter/ Thank you.

Billy Seccombe


  1. BE CAREFUL! Vasari paints are addictive! I've slowly been building up my collection too- they're great.

  2. Art is the signature of civilizations.


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