Thursday, May 3, 2012

Submitting to a Gallery

If you are like me, you are probably curious about how to submit your work to an art gallery.  You have spent a number of months or years developing a look and you are ready to venture out and showcase your talents to the world! There are various methods to submitting your artwork to art galleries and at times it may seem intimidating.  While some galleries offer online submissions through their website, others will request print outs and CD's.  Recently, I put together a submissions package of my own based upon some different research and feel that this is a strong approach. The photo included above is my submissions package sent out to a number of galleries across the country.

First, I went to my local printer and had high-quality print outs of my artwork made.  I would recommend high quality 8x10" photo print outs of your photographed work.  If you photograph your work yourself be sure that the quality is sharp and not pixelated and that your lighting is even.   It should be mentioned that most galleries like to see a selection of work ranging from 7-10 pieces.  Do not submit any less that 7 pieces as you want to present a comprehensive body of work.

Additionally, include a CD with all the images you are submitting and remember to not make the images too large, .jpg format usually is best.  Also, include a listing of all works available including title, pricing, dimension, medium, and year created.   Galleries also like to see a biography, CV (curriculum vitae) which is a resume of all the shows you've been in, awards, etc. and also an artist's statement.

Lastly, I would add any additional promotional material such as business cards, 5x7" post cards, or print outs of press and media exposure related to publications, etc.   I placed all of this material in a nice clean black folder and included a self addressed envelope so the materials could be returned.  Most galleries will not return your submissions package unless you include a return envelope.

Most professional galleries will get back to you. You could certainly follow up with your submissions but be patient.  Galleries are generally swamped with submissions and they will get back to you if they are interested.  Their response time may vary, but most galleries will get back to you in a month or two. Again, be patient.

Good luck and don't be discouraged.  Find the galleries which most closely represent your style and submit your work.  Feel free to comment as I'd love to hear back from readers on how you have submitted as well and any results you may have had.

Billy Seccombe

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  1. I haven't taken the gallery route myself, at least not yet, but this sounds like some really solid advice. I'll have to refer back to this post if I ever decide to look into gallery work. Thanks!


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