Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Developing a Series

Recently I have been recounting an article forwarded to me by my former high school art teacher, Kay Polito. Essentially, the article talked about developing a series or body of work and why it is important to focus upon an underlying motivation throughout that process. It is important in developing a body of work to keep in mind a few common goals throughout the creation of these works. One should focus upon a theme, a technique, color story, or a basic approach.

Suppose for a moment that you are developing a body of work for an upcoming show or even to approach a gallery and that body of work is composed of some 10 paintings. It is fair to assume that this work may take a period of months or even years to develop.  It would serve to benefit the artist through this time period to ask himself "What is my goal?" or "What am I trying to accomplish." The work will look more fluid and I think at the end of the series you will have emerged solving a problem and achieving a goal.  The work in said series would look more fluid, concise, and thought out.

Billy Seccombe

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