Thursday, March 19, 2009

Understanding Values in Skin Tones and Painting Facial Features - Sharon Sprung DVD

Recently I purchased the instructional DVD by Sharon Sprung, "Understanding Values in Skin Tones & Painting Facial Features." The material Sprung goes over is very informative and rather helpful. She speaks about color mixing and her palette which is an arrangement of Vasari Paints. She also speaks to her brush selections and value relationships in building up the form. The video is about 2 hours long and broken up into sections. I have found it very informative and useful in helping me with my painting approach.

-William Seccombe

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  1. Hey this is Jimmy, from Syracuse. The blog is great very informative. I especially liked seeing how you lay out your palette. And again it was a great symposium I was very glad to meet you.

    If you are interested here are my links:


    Hope to hear from you soon.


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