Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ramon Casas I Carbo

Briefly, I'd like to mention Ramon Casas I Carbo. Four samples of his work are pictured above. Carbo was a 19th century figurative painter from Barcelona, Spain. Matthew Innis introduced me to his work and does a much better job at providing detailed information on his life as well as additional Carbo works. The link to his blog is listed above. Follow me on Twitter at or subscribe to this blog by clicking the "follow" link in the right hand column. Thank you.

Billy Seccombe

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  1. Fantastic! I saw a couple of paintings of his when I was an art student and traveling through Barcelona in the eighties. I was blown away and when I came back no one knew who he was and there was no material on him. It's a shame!

    Thanks for bringing back some memories with this!


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