Thursday, September 3, 2009

Robert Armetta - Average Flesh Tones

Hot off the presses this morning is the latest and most updated flesh tones palette provided to me by my friend and mentor Robert Armetta. Earlier in this blog you may have discovered a flesh tones palette which outlines color mixtures for basic academic flesh tones. This is the palette I learned on at the New York Academy of Art while studying with Robert. Below, you will find the update to this palette which he asked if I'd post. I will be interested to play with these combinations as I always enjoy learning new approaches to this process. On a side note, he will be appearing in the October issue of The Artist's Magazine so make sure to pick up your copy then. As always, you can follow me on Twitter at Thank you.

Billy Seccombe


  1. It is always interesting to see how other people do flesh tones... For my watercolors I find everything I do ends up with a base of Yellow Ochre. Then either Cadmium Red Light, or this awesome color I found called Tizian's Red for warms and either Permanent Violet Bluish or Ultramarine Blue Light for cool spots. The darkest darks usually get some Burnt Umber, and very rarely some Burnt Sienna.

  2. LIAFA is the BEST place to learn realistic portrait painting! Robert Armetta has done an amazing job collecting the BEST instructors such as David Peikon. I highly recommend this art school.

  3. I highly recommend Robert Armetta too I finished a short course in January and I would love to go for a year


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