Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Blue Monster

In perusing the internet on websites that discuss artist marketing I came across this beauty from a blog by Clint Watson. The blog was rather useful and spoke about the concept of marketing more than a step-by-step approach. I thought he ended his article beautifully by saying:

"Successful artists want to change the world. They are Outside Zebras that avoid the Herd, they live on the edge, they make purple cows that become Blue Monsters via smart conversations with their clan."

-Clint Watson
The idea is a loaded statement and you'll have to read the article to deconstruct it but the gist of what he is saying is moving.   Essentially, if I were to spend a minute or two to dissect the meaning of this quote I would say that successful artists want to change the world, to be influential in a manner that challenges conventional thought, to make the world a better place through his/her art.  They are different in their own way as to suggest individuality but do not break to far from convention so as to preserve the sanctity of the group, the movement, or a school of thought.  They are ground breaking in their approach or their look.  Their work is not convention in that they do the unexpected.  This is key.  You must provide a unique product so as to differentiate yourself… must have a look.    These artists thus become a force unto themselves via the circles of artists and discourses that they travel among.

Billy Seccombe

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