Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Figure Drawing by Time Dose

Above is a figure drawing from my good friend Tim Dose which he did while studying in Russia last year. He stresses that I must include the hand of his teacher in this entry but I can assure you that 99% of it is Tim's hand alone. To make him happy as he is a humble guy I will put his instructor's name (Vladimir Mogilevtsev) in here as well. Onto the work. I find this piece to be an excellent example of just how to approach the figure both in drawing and painting alike. As a good drawing is intrical to a successful painting it is easy to imagine how this study might appear as a finish. At first blush the piece seems to take on a highly polished approach with an almost saccharine-like sensibility to detail in the upper portion of the figure however at further examination it's clear to see that this feeling is attained simply through accurate observation and solid academic draftsmanship. In sculpting terms, his marks take on a refinement of small and accurate chiseling developed from larger forms. The study really starts to become interesting in his decision to leave certain parts of the piece unfinished. It is here where you begin to observe the carved and sculpture aspects to the work and discover it's true strengths. It is this dichotomy of a highly rendered torso to a nearly unfinished and suggestive lower-body which simotaneous directs the viewer as to where to look but also indicates a stage, a process, with an underlying structure, and Dose offers us a glimpse into these thoughts in his development of a strong academic drawing. I'd encourage you to visit my friend Tim's website www.timdose.com as it offers a great source of both solid draftsmanship and portraiture alike.

Billy Seccombe

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