Thursday, May 14, 2009

What to do with all that unused wet paint on your palette?

A quick note to those of you wondering what to do with all of your unused paint on your palette after a day of painting. You may be wondering what to do to avoid that unwanted skin which begins to form on your globs of paint after being left out overnight. I have tried everything from adding extra drops of linseed oil to covering it with a damp towel. Both approaches do little to actually preserve the paint's integrity. Instead, try getting yourself a small plastic or rubber container such as a Tupperware bin or a plastic chinese take-out container which is more my speed.

You can scrape off any good remaining paint at the end of your painting session and with your palette knife place it into your container. Place the container in your freezer and your paint should last a good length of time and sometimes upwards of a couple of weeks however I wouldn't wait that long to revive it. You can also simple place your palette (if it is smaller enough) in your freezer as well. Happy painting.

Billy Seccombe

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